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The evolushy from Waxyly Cylindrole introduced the human specie to Rotatey Diskers;  Deep joy

Professor Stanley Unwin 

Ever since monologuist Cal Stewart recorded jokes under the guise of his comic character “Uncle Josh” in 1897, comedy archives have kept memories alive so we can relive glorious comedic moments on vinyl, tape and film. Mislaid Comedy Channel on YouTube aims to direct contemporary audiences to forgotten treasures. Here are a few gems from the YouTube channel. Go here to see more

Some of the albums
Max Miller

Not the 78rpm Confessions of a Cheeky Chappie recorded in October 1932 but Max Live in the Theatre from December 1938. This recording captures the Cheeky Chappie in full flow. 

    Side 1                                                                                              Side 2        

Sandy Powell

 Though best known for his radio work, Powell recorded some early records.  Sandy Joins The Nudists on Regal Zonophone an early 78 RPM

     Side 1                                                                                             Side 2

Milligan, Sellers, Miller & Cook

Bridge on the River Wye is a rare album that collaborates Goons and Beyond the Fringe performers to create a parody of the film Bridge on the River Kwai. 

      Side 1                                                                                            Side2

Some of the films

To See Such Fun - 

A compilation film of fantastic comedy clips of from movies of 30s,40s & 50s. Narrated by Frank Muir. A classic.

The Law is the Law (1958)

The French customs agent Ferdinand is always trying to catch the Italian smuggler Toto. 

These two classic clowns create hysterical mayhem.

"Cardboard Cavalier" is a rare 1949 British comedy starring Sid Field, Margaret Lockwood and Jerry Desmonde.

Some of the TV shows

The Late Show  (1966-67) was yet one more attempt by the BBC to recapture the success of the political-satire programme That Was the Week that Was.

Hugh and I (1962-67) A successful BBC sitcom starring Hugh Lloyd & Terry Scott, 6 series created 69 episodes of comedy joy and only three of them survived. 

Rutland Weekend Television (1975)

Eric Idle's Low budget comedy sketch series purporting to show the programming of a low key regional television service.

See more videos and listen to more audio on the Mislaid Comedy Heroes Channel on YouTube. Subscribe for latest uploads of classic comedies. 

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